[OX09] TRICHO-SHAMPOO physiological bath for the scalp and hair

Tricho-szampon fizjologiczna kąpiel do skóry głowy i włosów
TRICHO-SHAMPOO physiological bath for the scalp and hairTRICHO-SHAMPOO physiological bath for the scalp and hair
200 ml
Eco friendlyDermatologically tested / testowany dermatologicznie
Innowacja LNE

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    Indications for use:
    cleansing, restoration of the natural balance to the scalp and hair, hair loss prevention

    A gentle shampoo restoring the natural balance to the scalp. Thanks to the gentle washing ingredients free from SLS, SLES, sulphates, phtalates, formaldehyde or parabens,the formula effectively cleanses the scalp and hair from impurities without damaging them. The probiotics and prebiotics protect the scalp from irritation and drying. The conditioning substances strengthen and regenerate the hair structure along its whole length. The shampoo helps maintain appropriate hygiene of the scalp and hair and prevent hair loss without irritating the eyes.

    Active ingredients (in alphabetical order):

    - pro-vitamin D3 - prevents hair loss
    - probiotic bacteria and prebiotics - restore the microbio-physiological barrier of the scalp, prevent the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria and fungi
    - silk protein - hydrate and regenerate hair, protecting it against mechanical damage and facilitating combing
    - peppermint - refreshes and stimulates adding an antibacterial and anti-fungal effect.
    - allantoin - soothes irritation, itching and skin reddening

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    Tricho-esthetic is the first polish, professional line of trichological products, developed by experts in scalp care. It has been created to complement pharmacological therapy, increase its efficiency to prolong the effectiveness of treatment for healthy, strong and beautiful hair.
    The line includes products developed for the most common problems of the scalp and hair. Cosmetics for prophylactic are designed for regular care. One of the main components of formulations is provitamin D3.

    Provitamin D3 - organic chemical compound that is a precursor of vitamin D3.
    Recent studies point to its reduced level occurring in the course of baldness.

    Other ingredients:
    ginseng, amino acids, vitamins E, B3, pro-vitamin B5, plant extracts from: burdock root, peppermint common, lemon balm, horsetail, fenugreek thyme, horsetail, probiotics and prebiotics, lactic acid, formic acid, silk proteins, allantoin, complexes soothing and conditioning hair.

    How to use

    Apply and distribute the formula on the scalp, gently massage and then rinse with lukewarm water. Repeat activity.
    In the case of a particular scalp problem add 30 drops of tricho-extract to the bottle of the shampoo.

    For best results perform full trichological treatments with the application of other Tricho-esthetic line products.