MEDICAL anti dry

Deeply Moisturising Emulsion

1% ectoine + low-molecular hyaluronic acid


18 €

MEDICAL anti dry

The ANTI-DRY line products contain highly active ingredients with deeply moisturising properties. They smooth, relieve irritation, alleviate wrinkles and reduce sagging caused by low moisture levels of the skin.

Indications for use: Dry to very dry skin experiencing temporary and/or persistent dryness, regardless of age. Wrinkles and sagging caused by low moisture levels.

Effects of applying the anti dry line:
- immediately visible and long-lasting skin moisturisation,
- relieved irritation caused by dryness,
- nourished and regenerated skin,
- improved elasticity,
- reduced wrinkles caused by dryness,
- restored protective functions of the natural hydrolipid layer of the skin.