[ZX07] Make-up remover kit: Silky make-up remover oil + Soft cleansing foam

Zestaw do demakijażu: jedwabisty olejek do demakijażu + delikatna pianka myjąca100 ml + 150 ml
Cruelty freeDermatologically tested / testowany dermatologicznie

    24 €  (incl. 23% vat)



    Step 1:
    Silky make-up remover oil (100 ml)
    Rich in precious oils and antioxidants, the formula is suitable for all skin types. It perfectly removes waterproof make-up and impurities. It rebuilds the hydrolipid layer of the epidermis and prevents excessive loss of water and drying of the skin.

    Step 2:
    Soft cleansing foam (150 ml)
    A lightweight cleansing and hydrating formula. It gently removes all impurities and oily residue left after Step 1. Doesn’t cause dryness or astringency. Suitable for all skin types skin.

    Active ingredients (in alphabetical order):

    silky make-up remover oil: olive oil, rice oil, argan oil, squalane, troxerutinum, vitamin E.

    soft cleansing foam: betaine, argan oil, lactic acid, olive oil

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    fem@le 35+

    Benefits from using the female 35+ line:
    • it reduces wrinkles
    • boosts collagen production
    • improves firmness and elasticity of the skin
    • protects the skin against free radical activity
    • inhibits the signs of premature aging
    • smoothes and illuminates the skin
    • restores the hydrolipid layer of the epidermis affected by environmental factors
    • supports regenerating processes of skin cells

    If you live an active life, don’t know when to put your feet up, stressful situations are too common for you and your skin starts running out of energy -  treat it to something that makes a difference. We present a line of products with intensive anti-aging properties. It is designed especially for women who lead an active but irregular lifestyle and are exposed to the harmful influence of toxins and air pollution.

    How to use

    Silky make-up remover oil
    Gently apply to the skin of the face, neck, decolletage and eye area with circular movements, paying special attention to the places with more impurities.

    Soft cleansing foam
    Gently apply to the skin of the face, neck, decolletage and eye area with circular movements. Rinse with lukewarm water.