[BX01] Nourishing Cream with Wheat Germ

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Nourishing Cream with Wheat GermNourishing Cream with Wheat Germ
75 ml
Eco friendlyPregnant safe / bezpieczny dla kobiet w ciążyEco friendly AirlessDermatologically tested / testowany dermatologicznie

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    An oily nourishing cream for sensitive and delicate skin with redness tendencies. Thanks to the large amount of plant oils and beeswax the product deeply nourishes the skin, restores skin elasticity and soothes redness. The special formula rebuilds the hydrolipid barrier of the skin, protecting from skin redness. This unique cream quickly gives a long lasting feeling of comfort.

    Active ingredients (in alphabetical order):

    Wheat germs oil, Soya oil, Beeswax.

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    Delicate Care

    The Delicate Care line has been designed for delicate skin, prone to irritations and affected by such adverse factors as dry environment, sun, changing weather conditions, water, irritating cosmetic products, cigarette smoke etc.
    Characteristics of sensitive skin:
    - redness, tightness and occasional flaking of the skin
    - sensations of itching and burning
    - often coincides with allergic, atopic and couperose skin
    - can coincide with every skin type (dry, combination, oily)
    Sensitive skin requires special care that will help it fight the negative influence of environment and build its protective barriers. Active ingredients used in our Delicate Care line provide instant and long-lasting soothing. When used regularly, these products reduce sensitivity. Additionaly, Delicate Care products strengthen and regenerate the epidermis, thus making it a more inpenetrable barrier that protects the skin against irritations and the adverse influence of external factors.

    How to use

    Apply in the morning and evening, after cleansing