Velvety Body Mist SPF 6

nourishment - smoothing - protection

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pre-D3 Regenerating Protective Body Lotion SPF 30

high protection UVA, UVB, VIS, IR

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Golden Tanning Shower Milk

A delicate shade of brown perfect for all skin types

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UV EXPERT is an innovative line of specialised products to ensure the skin of your face and body is nurtured throughout the year, including self-tanning and exposing it to solar activity. It protects the skin not only against solar radiation (UVA, UVB, IR) and that emitted by artificial lighting, but also against free radicals and environmental contamination while leaving it nourished. It enables the natural process of vitamin D3 synthesis and allows you to enjoy healthy skin and a summer skin tone throughout the year!

A broad spectrum of protection thanks to innovative filters:
Stable system of UVA, UVB protective filters
A light, non-bleaching filter system which effectively protects skin cells against the damaging influence of UV radiation of varying length
Visible, blue light (VIS) filter
Absorbs the most harmful spectrum of visible light: blue light emitted mainly by artificial light sources (computers, TV screens). Works like -safety goggles-, protecting against negative effects of radiation. Prevents photoaging of the skin.
Infra-red (IR) filter – knotweed extract.
Protects the skin from the negative effects of infrared radiation. Prevents premature skin aging and blood vessel damage caused by raised cell temperature.

Enabling natural synthesis of vitamin D3
D3 StimuLight
Light-activated vitamin D3 precursor. Necessary in maintaining the biological balance between UV protection and the bodys need of vitamin D3.