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Fito Care line has been formulated to answer the needs of mature 50+ skin that shows definite signs of aging, caused by decreasing concentration of estrogens, female sex hormones that are responsible for appropriate hydration and nourishment of the skin and for the synthesis of collagen fibers.

Characteristics of mature skin:
- more pronounced mimic wrinkles and gravitational wrinkles
- loss of elasticity and flexibility of the skin
- discolorations – so-called liver spots
- permanently dilated capillaries – teleangiectasias
- often dry, poorly nourished, sagging skin

In order to delay the aging process and make it less visible, we have equipped our
Fito Care products with extremely powerful regenerating, revitalising and anti-wrinkle ingredients.
The formulas of Fito Care products are based on:
- Soya phytohormones that have beneficial effect for skin colour, hydration, firmness and elasticity. They stimulate the synthesis of collagen and protect, smoothen, strengthen and regenerate the skin.
- Wild yam, known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-radical properties. It is a plant equivalent of DHEA, the youth hormone. Used externally, it evens the skin colour and firms and smoothes the skin.
- R Coenzyme (biotin - vitamin H) plays a key role in the process of cell growth and prevents cell aging. Has unparalleled anti-aging properties.