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Anti-Aging Care

Anti Aging Care product line has been formulated to answer the needs of 30+ skin with first signs of aging for complex high quality care. The products in this line can also be used by younger women, if their skin shows first signs of aging.

Characteristics skin with first signs of aging:
- the signs usually appear around 30
- mimic wrinkles – crow’s feet in the eye area
- reduction of thickness of fat layer in the skin
- loss of elasticity and firmness
- uneven colour

Appropriate care of 30+ skin requires timely use of anti-aging and anti-wrinkle cosmetics in order to effectively delay the aging process and intensify skin’s defence mechanisms.
Our Anti Aging Care products owe their anti-wrinkle and hydrating properties to unique formulas based on a cocktail of effective ingredients:
- peptides (pseudo-botulinum dipeptide) – cause relaxing of the muscles, and in effect reduce mimic wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new wrinkles
- liposome VTA complex (microcollagen, vitamin C, rutin) – stimulates production of collagen, hydrates, neutralises free radicals and protects blood vessels
- natural lifting ingredients (wheat proteins) – that intensify the effects of the products and improve skin firmness.